Specialist Windows

Specialist window conversion for coco cola bus by safety glass industries


We were extremely proud to be asked to produce windows for a fleet of miniature London Buses that were used in the Olympic torch relay around Britain. It was an honour to be involved in such a momentous occasion and to see our windows on the news as the vehicles were driven around Britain.


This project is just one example of the more specialised windows that we can produce. In addition to our standard bonded windows we can also produce windows for fitting with claytonrite rubber or planton type windows that are screwed to the side of the vehicle. Unlike bonded windows, these windows can be produced as one off and do not involve any tooling charges. This makes them perfect for the more unusual one off conversions such as the Coca Cola buses.


The brief given to us by the bus builders stated that the glass needed to drop down into the recess within the side of the bus. This is not something that we had done before but we designed a special unit to meet these requirements. We also incorporated a flipper seal similar to that used in cars and vans to aid water removal. The customer was delighted with the results and also with the speed with which we were able to design, manufacture and deliver the units. Some images of this project can be seen below.


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Specialist window conversion for Coke


Zoomed out example of window conversion for coco cola


Example of top quality window conversion by safety glass industries


Specialist window conversion in use around london


Recently converted bus next to normal bus