Police Vehicle Windows

Interior example of a police vehicle window fitted by Safety Glass Industries


In the early part of the 2000’s the market for Police vehicle windows was dominated by a couple of suppliers using a dark tinted polycarbonate with a silicon based hardcoat. This hardcoat had to be removed to allow the polycarbonate to be bonded onto a vehicle. Alternatively the polycarbonate would have to be glazed into an alloy frame which would then be riveted onto the vehicle.  In 2005 SGI started to investigate the development of a coating that would allow the material to be bonded onto the vehicle without having to remove the silicone coating.


Police window testing


Extensive testing was conducted which involved immersing the material in water for 7 days, heating it to 60 degrees Celsius and freezing  it to -25 degrees to test both the material and the strength of the bonding process. The material passed all tests and we were able to launch the product in mid 2006. It proved an immediate success with the leading manufacturers of Police vehicles. The attraction of this coating is that it allows the material to be treated exactly like a piece of glass that can just be cleaned primed and fitted, the first of its kind in the police vehicle window market.


The material can be supplied in cut sizes (with or without primer) or in sheet form to allow the customer the freedom to cut the material to their own shapes and sizes. We also used this material to develop top hinged speed camera hatches and sliding window units.


As well as being fitted to vehicles nationwide, the material has proved popular in Spain and North Africa. One particular contract involved producing six polycarbonate windows to suit a Mercedes Vito all with sliders at the bottom of the units.


Another advantage of this material is that it allows styles of windows to be made that cannot be made in the traditional manner using an aluminium frame surround. If you look at the picture’s below you can see that the complete rear window on a Trafic/Vivaro was made using the polycarbonate to allow the speed camera operator to see out of the vehicle on either side of the cameras hatch.


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Outside view of police window conversion


Police vehicle window zoomed in


Close up of police vehicle window conversion by SGI