Horsebox Windows

Horse box window conversion completed by safety glass industries in trafford


We have recently been approached by leading horsebox manufacturer Sovereign Horseboxes to make high quality bonded style window units.


The horsebox window market is traditionally dominated by cheap imported glass and frames which is not the way that Sovereign wished to go. With 20 years experience of building quality vehicle windows we have established a very good reputation within the industry and Sovereign knew that SGI would be the quality supplier that they were looking for.


We have been supplying Sovereign for 18 months now producing on average a set of Horebox windows every 2-3 months.  As we do with all new products we have been monitoring the unit’s performance in the ‘real’ world, use on motorways and farm tracks for example. We are very pleased with the results and are now looking to organise stock sized windows for sale to the general horsebox window market.


As with all projects that SGI are involved in, the emphasis is on producing a quality product for a reasonable price rather than a producing a poor quality but cheap window. The glass is made in Europe as all our glass is, the opening units do not have any visible drain slots and we use quality slam locks instead of push button locks.


We can make Horsebox windows to virtually any size, we recently made some 1600mm x 1400mm, so even if our stock sizes do not suit your requirements we will be able to manufacture something bespoke.


In our experience that people will put up with a lot of issues on their vehicles, but water leaks is not one of them. With an SGI Horsebox window unit you can be confident that you will receive a well designed, well made, quality window unit that you can fit and forget about.


If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 8770011 or by using our contact us page.