Ambulance Windows


ambulance window converted by safety glass industries

When it comes to ambulance windows you really couldn’t be in safer hands. SGI (Safety Glass industries) have been providing quality windows for the ambulance market for 20 years. We are the UK’s leading ambulance window manufacturer with our windows being fitted into all the major NHS fleets including, SAS, NWAS, NIAS SECAS and WAS. We also supply ambulance manufacturers in Ireland, Germany, Poland and Hong Kong.


The reason we are so successful in this market is that we have designed a range of innovative windows that are specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of the ambulance market while still being easy and quick to fit.


We are particularly proud of being the first to design and introduce integral blind units into the ambulance window market, and although there are number of inferior copies now available, our units remain the windows of choice for the majority of ambulance converters.


In addition to integral blind units we can also produce windows with privacy tinted toughened glass with or without opaque frosting. This frosted effect is achieved with a frosted ceramic ink. We were the first to introduce this method which meant for the first time windows could be frosted permanently without the use of a film.


Of course it goes without saying that all our glasses and blind units are manufactured to R43 standard and are VCA and CEN approved, with all the relevant documentation and certification, copies of which can be supplied if necessary.


If would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 8770011 or see our contact us page.