The VW Transporter is one of SGI biggest sellers. The largest market we sell to is the camper van converters. The opening window unit we make for this market is unique. The SGI unit does not have any visible drain holes unlike our competitors. We also make a glass that is a proper 'Limo' tint. The light transmission level is just 10%. This means that 90% of the light does not pass thru the glass. You can see out of the vehicle, it's just very difficult to see into the vehicle. The light transmission on the imported far east glass is 15 or 20 %. The size fit and finish as all SGI products is second to none.


When you buy a SGI unit you can rest assure that it will fit without the need to spend time and money on trying to get the window to stay in the position you need it to, until the adhesive has cured.


At SGI we are fully aware that time is money and there might be cheap alternatives on the market but if you have problems in fitting the units or you have a problem after you have done the conversion then the money you have saved has been lost. The glass we make is for a van conversion and the screen printed area around the glass is wider than a OEM glass. This means that you do not have to cut into the inner second skin of the van, which would happen if you use OEM glass.


Front Half Slider - Near Side 1130 x 580
Front Half Slider - Off Side 1130 x 580

Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 921 x 569
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 921 x 569