Crafter – Medium Wheel Base – After 2006

SGI stock glass that either fits into the rebated area (insert) or a panoramic style. For the rebated style we stock wide range of glass. LWB vehicle with side load door to either side or no sliding door top slider opening unit to the front and rear.


The MWB with fixed front or top slider and rear fixed glass’. VW Panoramic glass. This glass is manufactured to fit a vehicle with a side load door on the right and is a grey tint. For more information please contact the office.


Please contact the office or email to discuss your requirements.


Front Fixed Glass - Near Side 1403 x 776
Front Fixed Glass - Off Side 1403 x 776
Front Top Slider - Near Side 1403 x 776
Front Top Slider - Off Side 1403 x 776

Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 1635 x 706
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 1640 x 770

Rear Doors 1 Pair