Hi-Ace Long Wheel Base

The Hiace is a popular vehicle and is used extensively for Taxi work and because of the deep rebated panel it looks great as a bonded glass. We offer glass as a half slider to the front and fixed rear Q/L. We stock SWB and LWB. The glass is made for a vehicle with a side load door to the L/H. When Toyota were involved in “the Direct conversion market” in the UK, SGI were privileged to manufacture the frames, glass and exterior trim for Toyota. These units were then offered into the general conversion market and have continued to be a great seller for SGI.


Front Half Slider - Near Side 1017 x 510
Front Half Slider - Off Side 1053 x 510

Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 1343 x 510
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 1343 x 510