Primastar – Long Wheel Base

As a minibus conversion they have proved to be a popular vehicle. At SGI we offer two different styles of opening window. The most popular is a top slider, and is designed in such a way as to compliment the vehicle.


The second type is a unit where the opening part is larger and is called a half slider. The SGI glass is manufactured to fit the van correctly. With a van with a single side load door to the L/H, this glass has a notch to allow for the door runner and cap. The R/H glass does not have this notch and therefore looks better than a glass with the notch. With some other suppliers this is not taken into consideration. We also make sure that the Rear Q/L glass on the LWB has a double bend to allow for a better fit. Make sure you check before you buy from other suppliers.


Front Top Slider - Near Side 1192 x 663
Front Top Slider - Off Side 1192 x 662
Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 1314 x 605
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 1314 x 605

Front Fixed Glass - Near Side Call for Details
Front Fixed Glass - Off Side Call for Details

Front Half Slider - Near Side Call for Details
Front Half Slider - Near Side Call for Details