Interstar – Short Wheel Base

The Nissan Interstar has been one of the most popular models that SGI has produced. We have produce thousands of glasses for this model and we think that the new model will be just as popular.


We produce top slider units for the front, centre and rear for the LWB and fixed glass for all positions if required. For the MWB we produce top-sliders for the front and fixed to the rear. The SWB is the same glass as the LWB front and rear panels.


Nissan Interstar July 2010 onwards.


We have produced glass based on the OEM glass so that the SGI glass can be fitted next to the these glasses. The initial sets are for vehicles with a side load door to the L/H side.

(Please specify if the vehicle is a OEM factory bus or a van conversion)


Front Fixed Glass - Near Side 1098 x 642
Front Fixed Glass - Off Side 1098 x 642
Rear Top Slider - Near Side 892 x 660
Rear Top Slider - Off Side 892 x 660

Front Top Slider - Near Side 1098 x 642
Front Top Slider - Off Side 1098 x 642