Transit – Jumbo

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular vehicles we make glass for. Ever since the vehicle was launched in 2000 SGI have made thousands of glasses and opening windows. We stock glass for the short, medium, long and extra long wheel base vehicles. We stock a top slider (T/S) which fits to the sliding door and opposite panel. The remainder of the glass is fixed. We can manufacture a top slider to suit a different position if required. We also stock the rear door glass as a unheated unit.


Front Top Slider - Near Side 1420 x 625
Front Top Slider - Off Side 1420 x 625

Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 1480 x 628
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 1480 x 628

Front Fixed Glass - Near Side 1420 x 625
Front Fixed Glass - Off Side 1420 x 625

Centre Top Slider - Near Side 1022 x 580
Centre Top Slider - Off Side 1022 x 628

Pair of Rear Doors 1 Pair