Ducato – Short Wheel Base

This range of vehicle glass was launched after various customers asked if we could make frames and glasses for the van conversion market. We offer half slider units to the front and fixed glass to the rear Q/L for the SWB and LWB. In common with almost all the glasses SGI make, the design was made to suit the van. OEM glass can be the same shape but the screen print is often too small to fit the van.


Product - Model before 2006

Front Half Slider - Near Side 1212 x 700
Front Half Slider - Off Side 1212 x 700
Rear Fixed Shape - Near Side 1217 x 700
Rear Fixed Shape - Off Side 1217 x 700

Product - Model after 2006

Front Top Slider - Near Side 1235 x 665
Front Top Slider - Off Side 1235 x 665
Rear Fixed Glass - Near Side 1264 x 580
Rear Fixed Glass - Off Side 1258 x 665

Pair of Rear Doors 1 Pair