Since its founding in October 1992 SGI (Safety Glass Industries) Ltd has recognised that quality has to be a cornerstone of a successful business. Since those early days SGI has grown into the UK’s leading producer of vehicle glass and opening window units. In addition to our nationwide client base we also have customers across Europe and in the Far East.


Innovative designs and high quality products has meant that SGI has enabled its customers to produce a high quality conversion, confident that the products supplied by SGI will fit correctly and be problem free. We also produce a dark tinted hard coated polycarbonate that can be bonded directly onto the vehicle without having to remove any of the coating. In addition to our vehicle windows we are diversifying into boat windows, designing sections and drainage systems specifically for the marine industry.


SGI strives to ensure that all customers receive a personal and efficient service including excellent after sales care. Our staff all have a wide product knowledge, and will go the extra mile to answer any queries our customers may have.